Tuesday, April 6, 2010


so, i have decided to enter the world of blogging. i thought it looked pretty cool so i'm giving it a go! not much has happened today, it's the school holidays over here in Jersey and i've pretty much just woken up. i'm abit lazy.
i really should be revising right now as all my GCSE's are when i get back but it seems impossible. i would much prefer to take some new photos for lookbook and chillout in the garden. it's cute and sunny today. i love it when the weather is like this.
here are some photos of one of my last lookbook shoots, this is what inspired the name of my blog, as i love alice in wonderland.
let me know what you think of them!

DQ x


  1. Such an amazing outift, your lookbook is amazing btw. Love your hair too

    Cora x

  2. very pretty pictures...great style and your hair is really amazing!

  3. Nice skirt..;)