Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

mmm weekend

blakkkkkkkkke xxxxxxx

Pictures above are just some random ones from the weekend. So, this weekend was simple but cute. On friday I went to see the new harry potter with my best friend, and some friends from my old school. It was so absolutely amazing and I most DEFINETELY want to purchase it as soon as it is released. Emma Watson = most amazing person on earth, apart from Johnny Depp of course. On saturday I went to my boyfriend's house for a bit and then we all went to my friend Cole's house and had a cosy night in, playing the on the wii and pigging out. Sunday I pretty much did nothing and lazed around all day, it was pretty awesome though. This is our last week of school and we break up tomorrow so only a couple of hours of lessons left before christmas yaaaaay. On monday a composer came over to Jersey and we worked with him in our groups as he helped us make our songs for our AS musical performance eeeeek not long now! Today was pretty much the same, and I think I'm just gunna chill tonight our go to blakes house, we'll see.

have a lovely weekxxxx

Thursday, December 2, 2010

winter wonderland's the 2nd of december and snowing here in Jersey. If a weatherman had told us that a couple of days ago we would have laughed very much, because snow over here is practically non existent, even at the best of times. Yesterday we faced a blizzard, all the schools shut at half 12 because the snow was getting way too heavy which then resulted in me taking about 35 minutes to walk home in shoes that had absolutely NO grip! So then I just stayed in with my family chilled out all day and prayed that we didn't have school tomorrow either, seeing as I had my A level media mock and just really cbaaa'd. But it has indeed, turned out to be another snow day! Seeing as I live out in the country and not many people live near me I'm just going to stay in, have a cozy duvet day and catchup on some of my work. Mmmmmmmmmm winter is here folks, whip out the oversized jumpers, wellies and fur hats!

snow in jersey ^

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

weeeeeeeekkkkkkend soon yaAAAAy

Monday, November 8, 2010

no regrets, just love

It's a miserable day today here in Jersey and I'm off school cause I've got bad tummy pains wahhhhh. Not only does that mean that I will have to catchup on all the work in my spare time but I also have to reschedule my second HPV injection and I hate things that are unorganised! But anyway, decided to blog all the same. Mmmmm I want summer back so badly. I'm way too addicted to the O.C and watching a show based in Orange County means that it constantly consists of parties, summer nights and hot hot weather. Everything I miss basically. I have decided to base this blog post around the theme of love. Got a lot of it right now for the extra special people in my life that make everyday above the average line - my fabbbbulous boyfriend Blake, my family, and my truly awesome friends, in school and out. So here you have it, that four letter word that means a hell of a lot to all the sane people in the world.

have a nice dayxxxx
p.s photo's are not mine, just found them around various websites, so I do not deserve the credit!

Friday, October 29, 2010

jeremy scott

I have recently discovered the brilliant works of Jeremy Scott, whilst rooting through catwalk photos when I was bored, and I just HAD to share it with all of you! He is an amazing american fashion designer who started off his catwalk shows in Paris but has recently done shows all over the world. Agyness Deyn (love!), Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have all stated that this man himself is their favourite designer, so he must be amazing right? ALSO, Karl Lagerfield said to many people that the only person he would ever feel comfortable leaving Chanel to would be Jeremy! YIKES. So, I leave you with some of his latest catwalk collections, that are quirky, edgy and a little bit crazy! Exactly what I like, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

new face

Decided to get a new name and look! I was getting bored as everybody could probably tell, as I haven't blogged in soooo long and I am very sorry for that. Decided to get a new name cause I think it pretty much sums up what my blog is about, everything through a teenager's eye. Will post soon, promise and I will make it mega interesting darlings xxxx

Monday, September 13, 2010

everythings new

Firstly, I am ever so sorry for my lack in blogging! Started 6th form about 3 weeks ago (2nd september) and since then I've been so busybusy settling in, doing loads of work and making new friends. So, I now go to a school named Hautlieu and I'm REALLY enjoying it there. The lessons are hard, and I do feel challenged, but challenges are good, as it makes you want to reach your goal even more.
The only down side is that even though I love my days at school, with loads of my friends, some old and some new, I miss the most important people. I miss my two best friends a lot. I miss my boyfriend. It's so hard going to different schools as them as we all start/finish college at different times etc and have different things to do after school and studying that we literally have no time to see eachother.

I just feel sort of empty, even though I have so many lovely people around me I feel like I need more time in my day to see the people I love the most. Argh. Hopefully everything will sort itself out soon.

I bought this brown bag from a charity shop (the one underneath) it was only £5 and I was like OMG-BARGAIN! I love it so much, its perfect. As well as that I bought some new laceup boots seeing as mine were pratically falling apart, the heel had totally worn off and everything! They are sort of acid wash which is a nice change and they are very comfortable nomnomnom.
I also took some pictures of some of my new school stuff, as I love to be really organised with cute stationary it makes me want to study so much more hahaha!

OH and my boyfriend bought me this bracelet its brown leather with a buckle on it and studs all round it I love it heeheh it looks WAY bigger than it actually is though in the picture..

Will do a post soon of some random pictures summarising the summer :(((( how sad

have a lovely friday? or weekend I guess, daniellexxxxxxxxx

change is the hardest thing to deal with, it can be wonderful, or terrible

but we must learn to embrace it, work on it and hope we will eventually find a place in

our lives which we can say

this feels like home

Monday, August 30, 2010

Anything that let's my mind wander

Have SO much work to do before Thursday and yet I'm sat here like a lemon, blogging again. I have such a short attention span it's ridiculous, and psychology work is just way too hard. Hmmmmmmmm I love daydreaming. It's sunny today, but I'm stuck inside because yet again, I'M MENT TO BE DOING WORK. Start college on Thursday. meh. I hate that feeling of being a 'new' person, I'm not sure if I even remember how to make friends as it seems so long ago that I started secondary school. We'll see I guess.

Jerseylive festival soon. Haven't a clue what to wear, and it's actually getting me down, no joke. I keep looking at pictures of celebrities at festivals, people like Alexa Chung and Agyness Deyn who manage to throw on a tshirt and shorts and still look amazing.

I've been in a really wierd mood lately..nothing seems to be enough, like I don't really ever feel as happy as I used too. Hopefully when I'm back at school I can have a new beginning and start fresh. I think too many things are stressing me out at the moment, and I just need to sit back and chill.
Will post again soon (probably in like an hour or something, a picture post, I promise)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm such a kid at heart

Hello all! So recently I have realised how stupidly and insanely childish I am. Of course I love all the things all normal teenagers do, but I can be such a kid at times. But I suppose, we all are really.

Lauren Child, is an author and illustrator of many cute kids books. My favourites though are her series of Charlie and Lola and Clarice Bean. Her drawings are amazing, cute and quirky and remind me of designer Cath Kidston (who I also LOVE). Since discovering Charlie and Lola, I now have my heart set on calling my child Lola when I'm older as it is such a beautiful name! But, enough babbling on..

I actually went into Waterstones yesterday on my own and went into the kids section, and sat on the floor, reading charlie and lola even though there is hardly any writing on each page! I love the illustrations and the storylines are funny. Hmmmmmmm last night we went to my friend cassie's house for a few drinks, her mum came in and we were all a bit nervous about what she would say because we were drinking and all, but she was fine and pretty much joined in the party with us because she was drunk too! It was so funny. Not sure what we're gunna do tonight, met up with my boyfriend Blake today for a bit but apart from that I haven't done much. Jerseylive festival soon, so excited.

I hope you folks have something exciting or new coming up soon,
I love it when life keeps you on your toes.
Have a nice weekendXXXX

charlie and lolax