Monday, August 30, 2010

Anything that let's my mind wander

Have SO much work to do before Thursday and yet I'm sat here like a lemon, blogging again. I have such a short attention span it's ridiculous, and psychology work is just way too hard. Hmmmmmmmm I love daydreaming. It's sunny today, but I'm stuck inside because yet again, I'M MENT TO BE DOING WORK. Start college on Thursday. meh. I hate that feeling of being a 'new' person, I'm not sure if I even remember how to make friends as it seems so long ago that I started secondary school. We'll see I guess.

Jerseylive festival soon. Haven't a clue what to wear, and it's actually getting me down, no joke. I keep looking at pictures of celebrities at festivals, people like Alexa Chung and Agyness Deyn who manage to throw on a tshirt and shorts and still look amazing.

I've been in a really wierd mood lately..nothing seems to be enough, like I don't really ever feel as happy as I used too. Hopefully when I'm back at school I can have a new beginning and start fresh. I think too many things are stressing me out at the moment, and I just need to sit back and chill.
Will post again soon (probably in like an hour or something, a picture post, I promise)


  1. i know the feeling, i have an awfully short attention span. i think it's getting worse as i get older!!
    and i also know how you feel about starting a new place. i'm going to the USA on wednesday to start my year abroad studying at an american university. i found it hard enough starting university in england without being the british girl!!
    and i used to be a massive festival goer. nothing those girls wear is vaguely practical. have a few days of looking rubbish, being dirty and wearing practical clothes. honestly!!

    good luck at college though :]]]

    charlotte xxx

  2. i'm actually like really jealous of you, aha no matter how weird that sounds, but you are so pretty! and you have gorgeous hair. anywayyyy i agree about alexa chung always looking so good whatever she wears, it's not fair! xxxx

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