Wednesday, August 18, 2010

There's still some summer weather left I guess! this was me, at the beach today. It was cute. I haven't done much I got up at stupid o'clock (7am) to do a pre a-level task and then went to the beach..I then went to dancing but found out it was last minute cancelled when I got there so I went with my mum and dad to get chips and cheese and then came home. Hmmmmmm wonder what I'll do tonight....
Really can't be bothered to go back to school. Start a new school for that matter. It sucks. My auntie and uncle come over from Ireland tomorrow I'm excited!! Haven't seen them in ages it's gunna be so awesome to see them again.
OHOHOH and I'm also mega happy that my picture uploader actually worked. I'll do a full on photo update soon, so you can see what I've been up to.
Have a nice eveningxxxx


  1. so positive photo! ;]


  2. cute bathing suit,I've only been to the beach once this summer!

  3. hi, it's my first time visit your blog. I really love your style and you have a nice blog. by the way, you are lovely too :)

    Jess from Taiwan