Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well, I recieved my GCSE results on the 24th of August and I was the happiest person ever. I've always not been the brightest spark but am relatively clever and did better than quite a few people at my school. I was chuffed and to be honest, that's all that matters. Alot of people from private schools came out with absolutely excellent grades loads of A*s etc, but to be honest at a public school like mine, that's not humanly possible.

So I'm not embaressed atall, I am completely proud with my results, and I know I worked hard to achieve them. I am now also into the ONLY college on the island which can allow me to do Performing Arts at university. I cried alot on the 24th. Sohappyhappyhappy. Here they are:

Drama - A
English Language - B
English Literature - B
History - B (what the hell?! WOW)
Fashion textiles - B
Maths - C
Italian - C
Science - D
Applied Science - D

So, that's them!! You might not think they are great but they were all above C's apart from two of them but who cares about science anyway unless you want to be an astronaut! :))))

So on the 24th I got dropped to my friend Cassie's house early in the morning then we walked to Bean Around The World (coffee shop in jersey) and got some tea's to takeaway whilst we hurriedly rushed to school for 10.30am to collect our results. We sat and opened them together and both started laughing and crying because we were very happy chappys. After seeing everyone else I went to meet my mum and dad who were thrilled!!! That night we went to this cute event called Jam on the Park and they was loads of bands playing etc.....and we drank to celebrate of course! Fell over that night and literally got the biggest cut ever on my knee but I still had a great night.

I'm so excited for what the future brings
I hope you are too!

p.s going to do a post tomorrow about kids programme, books etc named Charlie and Lola...still stupidly obsessed even though I'm 16years old, stay tuned!


  1. wow i can't believe you're only 16!!
    well done though :]]]
    i find even now (i'm entering my final year of university) it's really unfair with gcse results depending on what school you went to. mine were farily good for my school (I came 12th in my year) but some of my friends went to better schools and came out with 7*A*s, yet we got the same A level results.
    good luck doing drama though!!
    i hope you have an amazing time :]]]

    Charlotte xxx

  2. well done! your results are brilliant xxx