Friday, August 6, 2010

...................I know. I haven't posted in AGES, it's so terrible, but I promise I will start posting more frequently soon. A lot has gone on at the moment what with prom, my birthday, my party, holiday to england and of course many parties and summer activities! To be quite honest, I actually have had loads of times I could post but finding the energy to do it was actual problem. With these summer days I'm always so lazy and can't ever be bothered to do anything apart from lye on the beach all day.

I only got back from my holiday in England, Middlesbrough to be precise, about a week ago, it was so amazing. Was lovely to see all my family again and have some good days out like to Saltburn, shopping in Newcastle and a tourist day in York.

I will post something interesting and worth reading soon


DQ xx

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  1. I was on lookbook and saw someone from JERSEY come up.. hah.. i'm from jersey! anyway WHAT SUMMER. the weather is rubbish : (