Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today I'm gunna hit the beach, try and catch some rays ready for my prom on Friday..............I'm SO nervous!!! ahhh any hair or makeup ideas would be lovely seeing as I don't have a clue about either yet!!! Hair I want to be messy baggy maybe tied up like tousled and wavy and makeup like very nuetral and nude, with probably some dark eyeshadow as my dress is dark navy. It's 25 degrees at the moment over here on this beachy island, and pretty much everyone is walking round half naked, typical jersey.
Can't wait for the summer, this week and next week are pretty busy and hectic for me, but after that I will be FREEEEEE to enjoy my summer! I have my performing arts audition for college on friday, as well as my prom (stressful right?!) then the after party that night, then I'm dancing on Sunday at this place called Samares Manor, Monday will be the day of my last two exams everrrrrr both being Science modules (I'm shit at science anyway so I'm not really counting them as exams anyway) and then on Tuesday the 29th is my induction day at college and from that date forward I am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE from anything school related for the whole summer yayayay.
It's my birthday on the 6th of July and I'm having an Alice and Wonderland themed party. There will be 16 people at my house in my garden attending my Mad Hatters Tea party where we will eat loads of wierd food and then start to predrink....I'm making my garden look really cool and I'm making invititations telling people the character they have been given to dress up as etc, I'm vvvvvv excited! After my house we are all gunna go to the beach and get even more drunk, which alot more people will be going to, at the moment there is about 56 people lololol it should be fun.

I hope that wherever you are, it's sunny tooxxx


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