Friday, June 11, 2010

that summery feeling

4 exams left to go!!!!! thats it till I reach freedom......I can't wait, so far my GCSE's have gone alright, I just hope that I get good grades otherwise I will be pouring out with tears on results day...
I'm on study leave at the moment which means I only have to go into school for my exams, it's wonderful but wierd...I don't really wanna leave secondary school it's gunna be soooo saddening, but, life goes on I suppose... I had my english language paper 2 yesterday and I'm quite glad with how it went, section a I was rubbish it but section b.....creative writing! it's my passion

the question was to describe a day from your childhood, it was such a broad question that allowed me to write practically anything. I chose to write about (I made this up) going on holiday, being in an airport with the whirr of the suitcases and the smell of coffee brewing and all that kind of stuff, then I was on the plane watching the clouds go past but I could't reach them, and that made me scared......I then opened my eyes and was in this colourful fairground, I seen a ride, the teacups and clambered onto it and started spinning my self round faster and faster until everything became a big blur and things started to get scary and tears were pouring down my face and then I woke up on the plane and realised it was all just a dream.......
It was so amazing to write. My last two lines were:

I don't need to be scared anymore.

I'm safe now.

Haaaaaaaha I like leaving dramatic freaky endings it's great....anyway I will stop blabbering on about my exam! I can't WAIT for this summer I'm hoping it's gunna be the best one yet, have lots of exciting things coming up in these next couple of months such as:

1. 25th june - audition to be accpeted for perfoming arts at college
2. 25th june - SAME DATE but this is also the day of my prom!
3. 6th july - MY BIRTHDAY!!!! and party (I'm thinking alice in wonderland or avatar theme)

4. 17th july - irish dancing competition ahhhhh
5. 25th july-1 august - holiday to england to see maaaa fam
6. 6th august - my best friends birthday, cassie kelly
7. 24th august - results day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
& loads more but I can't think at the moment :]

hopefully summer will be great
have a lovely weekendxxxxx


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  1. i hope you get into the college! it seems like you have a very good imagination...much better than mine!