Monday, August 30, 2010

Anything that let's my mind wander

Have SO much work to do before Thursday and yet I'm sat here like a lemon, blogging again. I have such a short attention span it's ridiculous, and psychology work is just way too hard. Hmmmmmmmm I love daydreaming. It's sunny today, but I'm stuck inside because yet again, I'M MENT TO BE DOING WORK. Start college on Thursday. meh. I hate that feeling of being a 'new' person, I'm not sure if I even remember how to make friends as it seems so long ago that I started secondary school. We'll see I guess.

Jerseylive festival soon. Haven't a clue what to wear, and it's actually getting me down, no joke. I keep looking at pictures of celebrities at festivals, people like Alexa Chung and Agyness Deyn who manage to throw on a tshirt and shorts and still look amazing.

I've been in a really wierd mood lately..nothing seems to be enough, like I don't really ever feel as happy as I used too. Hopefully when I'm back at school I can have a new beginning and start fresh. I think too many things are stressing me out at the moment, and I just need to sit back and chill.
Will post again soon (probably in like an hour or something, a picture post, I promise)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm such a kid at heart

Hello all! So recently I have realised how stupidly and insanely childish I am. Of course I love all the things all normal teenagers do, but I can be such a kid at times. But I suppose, we all are really.

Lauren Child, is an author and illustrator of many cute kids books. My favourites though are her series of Charlie and Lola and Clarice Bean. Her drawings are amazing, cute and quirky and remind me of designer Cath Kidston (who I also LOVE). Since discovering Charlie and Lola, I now have my heart set on calling my child Lola when I'm older as it is such a beautiful name! But, enough babbling on..

I actually went into Waterstones yesterday on my own and went into the kids section, and sat on the floor, reading charlie and lola even though there is hardly any writing on each page! I love the illustrations and the storylines are funny. Hmmmmmmm last night we went to my friend cassie's house for a few drinks, her mum came in and we were all a bit nervous about what she would say because we were drinking and all, but she was fine and pretty much joined in the party with us because she was drunk too! It was so funny. Not sure what we're gunna do tonight, met up with my boyfriend Blake today for a bit but apart from that I haven't done much. Jerseylive festival soon, so excited.

I hope you folks have something exciting or new coming up soon,
I love it when life keeps you on your toes.
Have a nice weekendXXXX

charlie and lolax

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well, I recieved my GCSE results on the 24th of August and I was the happiest person ever. I've always not been the brightest spark but am relatively clever and did better than quite a few people at my school. I was chuffed and to be honest, that's all that matters. Alot of people from private schools came out with absolutely excellent grades loads of A*s etc, but to be honest at a public school like mine, that's not humanly possible.

So I'm not embaressed atall, I am completely proud with my results, and I know I worked hard to achieve them. I am now also into the ONLY college on the island which can allow me to do Performing Arts at university. I cried alot on the 24th. Sohappyhappyhappy. Here they are:

Drama - A
English Language - B
English Literature - B
History - B (what the hell?! WOW)
Fashion textiles - B
Maths - C
Italian - C
Science - D
Applied Science - D

So, that's them!! You might not think they are great but they were all above C's apart from two of them but who cares about science anyway unless you want to be an astronaut! :))))

So on the 24th I got dropped to my friend Cassie's house early in the morning then we walked to Bean Around The World (coffee shop in jersey) and got some tea's to takeaway whilst we hurriedly rushed to school for 10.30am to collect our results. We sat and opened them together and both started laughing and crying because we were very happy chappys. After seeing everyone else I went to meet my mum and dad who were thrilled!!! That night we went to this cute event called Jam on the Park and they was loads of bands playing etc.....and we drank to celebrate of course! Fell over that night and literally got the biggest cut ever on my knee but I still had a great night.

I'm so excited for what the future brings
I hope you are too!

p.s going to do a post tomorrow about kids programme, books etc named Charlie and Lola...still stupidly obsessed even though I'm 16years old, stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

There's still some summer weather left I guess! this was me, at the beach today. It was cute. I haven't done much I got up at stupid o'clock (7am) to do a pre a-level task and then went to the beach..I then went to dancing but found out it was last minute cancelled when I got there so I went with my mum and dad to get chips and cheese and then came home. Hmmmmmm wonder what I'll do tonight....
Really can't be bothered to go back to school. Start a new school for that matter. It sucks. My auntie and uncle come over from Ireland tomorrow I'm excited!! Haven't seen them in ages it's gunna be so awesome to see them again.
OHOHOH and I'm also mega happy that my picture uploader actually worked. I'll do a full on photo update soon, so you can see what I've been up to.
Have a nice eveningxxxx

Sunday, August 15, 2010

summer? it's raining

Two new looks on lookbook I have at the moment, check them out if you like cause I'd love some more hypes! I'm hoping to take some photo's today that I can use for lookbook aswell so keep checking up on me.

Weather has been POO in Jersey these last two days and it really is frustrating. All I want to do is go to the beach, and get a tan. Is that too much to ask? This week has been exciting kindof so hopefully this next one will be even better. Last night me and some of my friends tried to get into this club to see ''Example'' but we didn't get in due to lack of ID cause were only 16, was worth a try though and it was a fun night anyway. Today the little fair that comes once in a while to Jersey is leaving, so I think we're all going to go as it should be really busy being last night and all. Mmmmmm I'm so lazy these days. I haven't been posting much recently, mostly due to the fact blogger simply doesn't upload my pictures and I think they look a bit boring with just heaps of writing but for those of you who don't mind reading a lot, hello.

Have a lovely sunday all, it's starting to get a bit sunnier actually since I started blogging, maybe it's fate. I hope wherever you are, whatever the weather, life is going great XXXX


Friday, August 6, 2010

...................I know. I haven't posted in AGES, it's so terrible, but I promise I will start posting more frequently soon. A lot has gone on at the moment what with prom, my birthday, my party, holiday to england and of course many parties and summer activities! To be quite honest, I actually have had loads of times I could post but finding the energy to do it was actual problem. With these summer days I'm always so lazy and can't ever be bothered to do anything apart from lye on the beach all day.

I only got back from my holiday in England, Middlesbrough to be precise, about a week ago, it was so amazing. Was lovely to see all my family again and have some good days out like to Saltburn, shopping in Newcastle and a tourist day in York.

I will post something interesting and worth reading soon


DQ xx