Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm such a kid at heart

Hello all! So recently I have realised how stupidly and insanely childish I am. Of course I love all the things all normal teenagers do, but I can be such a kid at times. But I suppose, we all are really.

Lauren Child, is an author and illustrator of many cute kids books. My favourites though are her series of Charlie and Lola and Clarice Bean. Her drawings are amazing, cute and quirky and remind me of designer Cath Kidston (who I also LOVE). Since discovering Charlie and Lola, I now have my heart set on calling my child Lola when I'm older as it is such a beautiful name! But, enough babbling on..

I actually went into Waterstones yesterday on my own and went into the kids section, and sat on the floor, reading charlie and lola even though there is hardly any writing on each page! I love the illustrations and the storylines are funny. Hmmmmmmm last night we went to my friend cassie's house for a few drinks, her mum came in and we were all a bit nervous about what she would say because we were drinking and all, but she was fine and pretty much joined in the party with us because she was drunk too! It was so funny. Not sure what we're gunna do tonight, met up with my boyfriend Blake today for a bit but apart from that I haven't done much. Jerseylive festival soon, so excited.

I hope you folks have something exciting or new coming up soon,
I love it when life keeps you on your toes.
Have a nice weekendXXXX

charlie and lolax


  1. ah. i love charlie and lola. i sometimes secretly watch the tv show when no-one's around! i always love the dresses lola wears. xxxxx.

  2. i actually love charlie and lola, the tv series is adorable, and i have a whole shelf of clarice bean books hehhe xxx

  3. haha, I love that show. Their accents are so adorable!