Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today I'm gunna hit the beach, try and catch some rays ready for my prom on Friday..............I'm SO nervous!!! ahhh any hair or makeup ideas would be lovely seeing as I don't have a clue about either yet!!! Hair I want to be messy baggy maybe tied up like tousled and wavy and makeup like very nuetral and nude, with probably some dark eyeshadow as my dress is dark navy. It's 25 degrees at the moment over here on this beachy island, and pretty much everyone is walking round half naked, typical jersey.
Can't wait for the summer, this week and next week are pretty busy and hectic for me, but after that I will be FREEEEEE to enjoy my summer! I have my performing arts audition for college on friday, as well as my prom (stressful right?!) then the after party that night, then I'm dancing on Sunday at this place called Samares Manor, Monday will be the day of my last two exams everrrrrr both being Science modules (I'm shit at science anyway so I'm not really counting them as exams anyway) and then on Tuesday the 29th is my induction day at college and from that date forward I am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE from anything school related for the whole summer yayayay.
It's my birthday on the 6th of July and I'm having an Alice and Wonderland themed party. There will be 16 people at my house in my garden attending my Mad Hatters Tea party where we will eat loads of wierd food and then start to predrink....I'm making my garden look really cool and I'm making invititations telling people the character they have been given to dress up as etc, I'm vvvvvv excited! After my house we are all gunna go to the beach and get even more drunk, which alot more people will be going to, at the moment there is about 56 people lololol it should be fun.

I hope that wherever you are, it's sunny tooxxx


Monday, June 21, 2010


So,I decided that tonight would be the night that I wrote about the second of my favourite young celebrities. She's cute, very young and sassy, and acts as a role model for younger girls.

Abigail Breslin

Abigail is a 13yr old actress, who first was recognised fully when she was aged 5 when playing part in the movie "Signs". Over the years she has starred in many many succesful films, her most recent ones being My Sisters Keeper and Definetly Maybe.
To me she is an amazing actress especially for her age, she's cute and has a lovvvvely personality. My favourite film with her in is Nim's island, I must have watched the film well over 20 times.......I love it heheh and she plays a cool role of a unique little girl.

I am looking forward to seeing more of her worrrrrk

abigail on some photoshootss

A lot of a shorter post than Whitney Port's I probably can guess who is my favourites when I do these posts lolol! In all seriousness Abigail is a wonderful actress who hopefully will continue to make a lot more films - she is extremely talented and......well she's cute! So that is why I like her.
Let me know what you think of her, it will be interesting!
Hope your monday was better than averagexxx

Friday, June 18, 2010

some fab peoplexxx

So, when I was bored, I know I could have been revising but instead I decided to blog about some of my favourite young celebrities!! I'm probably a bit too excited about doing this but ohwell, IMA GEEK...............
Over the next couple of days I will blog about the following people:

1.Whitney Port
2.Abigail Breslin
3.Dakota Fanning
4.Taylor Momsen
5.Emma Roberts
6.Emma Watson
7.Mischa Barton

All of the above are my ultimate favourite celebrities, all of them being actresses and more......
Today I will start off with blogging about Whitney Port...HOW EXCITING IS THIS

So.....Whitney Port

She first entered our screens on MTV's "The Hills" where she worked as an intern at company Teen Vogue and then when moved to New York on her own, the cameras followed her and producers decided to make a new tv programme named "The City". She now works at Peoples Revolution and has her own new fresh fashion line called Whitney Eve.

Since I first seen her, I AUTOMATICALLY fell in love with her. No joke. She is young and fresh looking, model material and has a cute and bubbly personality! She is just perfect in so many ways. Her fashion is gorgeous, I wish I had her wardrobe right this second........she always has the best hair in loads of cool styles that seem impossible in my own hair :( BUT OHWELL..... She also always has lovely makeup, very natural and neutral colours


Whit sporting a waistcoat, skirt and boots, casual but classy

Whitney at an awards ceremony, cute ouftit choice here

Whitney with some clothes from her fashion line behind her....
p.s lovvvvvve her blazer

A magazine cutting of Whitney wearing some high waist leather shorts
they are LOVVVELY

I want her oufit here. Just give it to me. SOMEONE PLEASE!
I love this casual look.....
ohohoh see what I mean about her hair? always perfect

Cuttte smile

Whitney with Olivia, also from programme "The City"
once again amaze outfit choice

Whitney with Jay........I don't know if there still together
he was cute though, little australian accent and all that

Whitney and roxy somewhere in New York I
Whit's hair in this

Whitney and Lauren Conrad...two of my favourite people :')

& cute are they+there outfits=love

Whitneys apartment in New is so amazing
my future house will look like this

I know........beautiful right, LOOK AT ALL THOSE SHOES
simply heaven


glasses arre fittttttttt

SO.......there you have it, a little bit about Whitney Port and why I like her. I'm gunna let you all in on a secret. She is definetly one of my favourites on the list of people I will be talking about. tehehehe
Let me know what you think of her, hopefully you all like her as much as I do! She is my idol
Have a lovely weekend, I will update soon with the next celeb, cyaxxx

Monday, June 14, 2010

It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer
- Shanna La Fleur

Sunday, June 13, 2010

weekend antics

so on friday I had my last maths exam HOORAY!!!! we were all megahappy as we had all had loads of exams last week so wanted to relax and celebrate, my good old primary school bud jack invited us round to his house house, to have a BBQ in his garden and then drink in his house etc and sleep in his conservatory, while his mum and dad stayed in his cute little cabin in the bottom of his garden, so we had the whole house to ourselves. Didn't get too drunk which is good because normally I'm faceplanted in the grass at these kind of events but I was alright! Was a very fun and cute night though :]

On saturday, I had to get picked up by my dad at 9am because I had a dance display at half was literal hell because I had only had about 3 hours sleep and was a little hungover but the day turned out to be amazzzzzing.. We danced at this big venue three times, so I was there for four and half hours with some people from my dance school and there parents tooooo........I love dance displays because we are all always together, we're like one big familyxxx

Last night I just went out for a couple of hours, just walked around town got some chips and cheese as you do and laughed at all the drunk people stumbling round the town centre, it was funny. Today will hopefully be cute, will update laterrrrrrrrr

Some pics from the weekendooooooo

attempting to give zach a hickey with a mini hover ^


cole's cheesy grin ^

kicking it year 7 style boiiiii ^

zach the measurererer ^

blake broke the fridge...retard ^

sally&me again ^

OHand again hahah ^

me and my two best friends: cassie and sally, they
mean the absolute world to mexxx

hope your weekend was great!

DQ x

Friday, June 11, 2010

that summery feeling

4 exams left to go!!!!! thats it till I reach freedom......I can't wait, so far my GCSE's have gone alright, I just hope that I get good grades otherwise I will be pouring out with tears on results day...
I'm on study leave at the moment which means I only have to go into school for my exams, it's wonderful but wierd...I don't really wanna leave secondary school it's gunna be soooo saddening, but, life goes on I suppose... I had my english language paper 2 yesterday and I'm quite glad with how it went, section a I was rubbish it but section b.....creative writing! it's my passion

the question was to describe a day from your childhood, it was such a broad question that allowed me to write practically anything. I chose to write about (I made this up) going on holiday, being in an airport with the whirr of the suitcases and the smell of coffee brewing and all that kind of stuff, then I was on the plane watching the clouds go past but I could't reach them, and that made me scared......I then opened my eyes and was in this colourful fairground, I seen a ride, the teacups and clambered onto it and started spinning my self round faster and faster until everything became a big blur and things started to get scary and tears were pouring down my face and then I woke up on the plane and realised it was all just a dream.......
It was so amazing to write. My last two lines were:

I don't need to be scared anymore.

I'm safe now.

Haaaaaaaha I like leaving dramatic freaky endings it's great....anyway I will stop blabbering on about my exam! I can't WAIT for this summer I'm hoping it's gunna be the best one yet, have lots of exciting things coming up in these next couple of months such as:

1. 25th june - audition to be accpeted for perfoming arts at college
2. 25th june - SAME DATE but this is also the day of my prom!
3. 6th july - MY BIRTHDAY!!!! and party (I'm thinking alice in wonderland or avatar theme)

4. 17th july - irish dancing competition ahhhhh
5. 25th july-1 august - holiday to england to see maaaa fam
6. 6th august - my best friends birthday, cassie kelly
7. 24th august - results day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
& loads more but I can't think at the moment :]

hopefully summer will be great
have a lovely weekendxxxxx