Sunday, June 13, 2010

weekend antics

so on friday I had my last maths exam HOORAY!!!! we were all megahappy as we had all had loads of exams last week so wanted to relax and celebrate, my good old primary school bud jack invited us round to his house house, to have a BBQ in his garden and then drink in his house etc and sleep in his conservatory, while his mum and dad stayed in his cute little cabin in the bottom of his garden, so we had the whole house to ourselves. Didn't get too drunk which is good because normally I'm faceplanted in the grass at these kind of events but I was alright! Was a very fun and cute night though :]

On saturday, I had to get picked up by my dad at 9am because I had a dance display at half was literal hell because I had only had about 3 hours sleep and was a little hungover but the day turned out to be amazzzzzing.. We danced at this big venue three times, so I was there for four and half hours with some people from my dance school and there parents tooooo........I love dance displays because we are all always together, we're like one big familyxxx

Last night I just went out for a couple of hours, just walked around town got some chips and cheese as you do and laughed at all the drunk people stumbling round the town centre, it was funny. Today will hopefully be cute, will update laterrrrrrrrr

Some pics from the weekendooooooo

attempting to give zach a hickey with a mini hover ^


cole's cheesy grin ^

kicking it year 7 style boiiiii ^

zach the measurererer ^

blake broke the fridge...retard ^

sally&me again ^

OHand again hahah ^

me and my two best friends: cassie and sally, they
mean the absolute world to mexxx

hope your weekend was great!

DQ x

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