Friday, June 18, 2010

some fab peoplexxx

So, when I was bored, I know I could have been revising but instead I decided to blog about some of my favourite young celebrities!! I'm probably a bit too excited about doing this but ohwell, IMA GEEK...............
Over the next couple of days I will blog about the following people:

1.Whitney Port
2.Abigail Breslin
3.Dakota Fanning
4.Taylor Momsen
5.Emma Roberts
6.Emma Watson
7.Mischa Barton

All of the above are my ultimate favourite celebrities, all of them being actresses and more......
Today I will start off with blogging about Whitney Port...HOW EXCITING IS THIS

So.....Whitney Port

She first entered our screens on MTV's "The Hills" where she worked as an intern at company Teen Vogue and then when moved to New York on her own, the cameras followed her and producers decided to make a new tv programme named "The City". She now works at Peoples Revolution and has her own new fresh fashion line called Whitney Eve.

Since I first seen her, I AUTOMATICALLY fell in love with her. No joke. She is young and fresh looking, model material and has a cute and bubbly personality! She is just perfect in so many ways. Her fashion is gorgeous, I wish I had her wardrobe right this second........she always has the best hair in loads of cool styles that seem impossible in my own hair :( BUT OHWELL..... She also always has lovely makeup, very natural and neutral colours


Whit sporting a waistcoat, skirt and boots, casual but classy

Whitney at an awards ceremony, cute ouftit choice here

Whitney with some clothes from her fashion line behind her....
p.s lovvvvvve her blazer

A magazine cutting of Whitney wearing some high waist leather shorts
they are LOVVVELY

I want her oufit here. Just give it to me. SOMEONE PLEASE!
I love this casual look.....
ohohoh see what I mean about her hair? always perfect

Cuttte smile

Whitney with Olivia, also from programme "The City"
once again amaze outfit choice

Whitney with Jay........I don't know if there still together
he was cute though, little australian accent and all that

Whitney and roxy somewhere in New York I
Whit's hair in this

Whitney and Lauren Conrad...two of my favourite people :')

& cute are they+there outfits=love

Whitneys apartment in New is so amazing
my future house will look like this

I know........beautiful right, LOOK AT ALL THOSE SHOES
simply heaven


glasses arre fittttttttt

SO.......there you have it, a little bit about Whitney Port and why I like her. I'm gunna let you all in on a secret. She is definetly one of my favourites on the list of people I will be talking about. tehehehe
Let me know what you think of her, hopefully you all like her as much as I do! She is my idol
Have a lovely weekend, I will update soon with the next celeb, cyaxxx

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  1. You're so right, she's such a cute girl! Love her style, and her legs are amaaaazee. Love her apartment and I love what she has in her hair in the 10th snap! GREAT POST :)