Monday, September 13, 2010

everythings new

Firstly, I am ever so sorry for my lack in blogging! Started 6th form about 3 weeks ago (2nd september) and since then I've been so busybusy settling in, doing loads of work and making new friends. So, I now go to a school named Hautlieu and I'm REALLY enjoying it there. The lessons are hard, and I do feel challenged, but challenges are good, as it makes you want to reach your goal even more.
The only down side is that even though I love my days at school, with loads of my friends, some old and some new, I miss the most important people. I miss my two best friends a lot. I miss my boyfriend. It's so hard going to different schools as them as we all start/finish college at different times etc and have different things to do after school and studying that we literally have no time to see eachother.

I just feel sort of empty, even though I have so many lovely people around me I feel like I need more time in my day to see the people I love the most. Argh. Hopefully everything will sort itself out soon.

I bought this brown bag from a charity shop (the one underneath) it was only £5 and I was like OMG-BARGAIN! I love it so much, its perfect. As well as that I bought some new laceup boots seeing as mine were pratically falling apart, the heel had totally worn off and everything! They are sort of acid wash which is a nice change and they are very comfortable nomnomnom.
I also took some pictures of some of my new school stuff, as I love to be really organised with cute stationary it makes me want to study so much more hahaha!

OH and my boyfriend bought me this bracelet its brown leather with a buckle on it and studs all round it I love it heeheh it looks WAY bigger than it actually is though in the picture..

Will do a post soon of some random pictures summarising the summer :(((( how sad

have a lovely friday? or weekend I guess, daniellexxxxxxxxx

change is the hardest thing to deal with, it can be wonderful, or terrible

but we must learn to embrace it, work on it and hope we will eventually find a place in

our lives which we can say

this feels like home

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  1. i do that with my stationary too! I love the new year school shop, all the new pens and penicls. arghh love it.
    hope you enjoy sixth form and that bag is gorgeous! xx