Sunday, December 12, 2010

mmm weekend

blakkkkkkkkke xxxxxxx

Pictures above are just some random ones from the weekend. So, this weekend was simple but cute. On friday I went to see the new harry potter with my best friend, and some friends from my old school. It was so absolutely amazing and I most DEFINETELY want to purchase it as soon as it is released. Emma Watson = most amazing person on earth, apart from Johnny Depp of course. On saturday I went to my boyfriend's house for a bit and then we all went to my friend Cole's house and had a cosy night in, playing the on the wii and pigging out. Sunday I pretty much did nothing and lazed around all day, it was pretty awesome though. This is our last week of school and we break up tomorrow so only a couple of hours of lessons left before christmas yaaaaay. On monday a composer came over to Jersey and we worked with him in our groups as he helped us make our songs for our AS musical performance eeeeek not long now! Today was pretty much the same, and I think I'm just gunna chill tonight our go to blakes house, we'll see.

have a lovely weekxxxx

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  1. love the first photograph! black and white is lovely.
    have a nice christmas :)