Monday, November 8, 2010

no regrets, just love

It's a miserable day today here in Jersey and I'm off school cause I've got bad tummy pains wahhhhh. Not only does that mean that I will have to catchup on all the work in my spare time but I also have to reschedule my second HPV injection and I hate things that are unorganised! But anyway, decided to blog all the same. Mmmmm I want summer back so badly. I'm way too addicted to the O.C and watching a show based in Orange County means that it constantly consists of parties, summer nights and hot hot weather. Everything I miss basically. I have decided to base this blog post around the theme of love. Got a lot of it right now for the extra special people in my life that make everyday above the average line - my fabbbbulous boyfriend Blake, my family, and my truly awesome friends, in school and out. So here you have it, that four letter word that means a hell of a lot to all the sane people in the world.

have a nice dayxxxx
p.s photo's are not mine, just found them around various websites, so I do not deserve the credit!


  1. Lovely photos! And I love Teenage Dream ♥


  2. Nice photos and lovely blog!
    I'm following!