Sunday, May 2, 2010

it's been a while

So, we have all just got back to school so things have been pretty hectic. Revision is ment to be to the max at the moment, but as per usual, I haven't even attempted to start revising yet. Just finished my Fashion Textiles coursework last week, here are some of the pages! I made a tartan waistcoat for my final piece, I wish you guys coulda seen it but I forgot to take a picture of it! Life is kinda excitingggg right now..

DQ x


  1. your work is acutally amazzing!
    you seem to be a fan of michael jackson; or just his fashion taste?:) just wondering cause i am A HUGE FAN so...:L
    your blog + lookbook is so cool; i really love your outfits! could you rougly tell me how you frayed your shorts or somethign the ones you cut off- cos i tried it on my old jeans but when i try sew them up i fail miserably :\ and yours look like original ones from topshop- LUCKY :)
    anyway lovely blog :) write back please

  2. hihihi sorry for the lateish reply, thanks so much, I frayed them my using sandpaper. My dads a carpenter so I just used some of his that he uses for work, if you just rub it against the end of the shorts they start to fray :) it takes time but so worth it X

  3. sorry i forgot my user name for other account:L how foolish ;L
    awwhaha thanks, i dont have sand paper but im gonan try with scissors, but im regretting cutting them :L hope you do well in yor GCSE's test :) xx