Sunday, March 20, 2011


Y'ellllo folks, so this weekend was pretty decent! Friday I just stayed in but it was nice, just watched some films with the fam and went to sleep averagely early. Saturday I seen the boyf during the day and then at night went to this lovely resteraunt called wildfire where we had a meal and some drinks, and then went to this place called champions for some more drinks. Safe to say that I was pretty drunk, but it was such a good night and seen loads of people that I hadn't seen in a while. Today, I -luckily- have not been graced with a hangover so I'm going to do some filming for my media project down at the beach with a couple of my friends! It's actually the most beautiful day here ever, so so sunny and perfect. Hope you had a lovely weekend!XXXX
p.s as it was st patricks day during the week, we went around the pubs as all irish dancers to to raise money for the dance world cup that we're going to in june.....

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