Wednesday, March 16, 2011

scrapping the C

So haven't blogged in a while and to be honest it's mostly because I really just can't be bothered for the stupid challenge I was doing! Was just blocking up the page and making it look messy and ugly. A lot has happened recently, been v v busy. Results first - I got an A for my performing arts musical (1 mark off full marks, was chuffed!), a B for psychology and a D for media. I felt pretty good about them because Jan exams are always apparently really awful so everyone retakes them anyway, which is what I'm doing. I'm retaking the B and D to hopefully come out with two shiny A's! So that will be in summer so I will have 5 exams to revise for eeeeek at least it's not as many as there were for GCSE!

So yeah along with results, I had this thing called the dance gala which was held at this place called Fort Regent which has a big stage :') all us competitors for the dance world cup in disney this june performed at it to give everyone in Jersey a taste of what we were like (but mostly just to raise money). Hmmmm today was alright, halfway through the week I suppose and it's St Patricks day tomorrow -i'll be going round pubs dancing heheh- so hopefully it won't drag on! Will love yaaaa and leave yaaaa with some recent piczzzzz


  1. your outfit is lovely X

  2. where did you get the shirt from? it's very pretty. xxx

  3. thankyou! it's my friends, she bought it from a charity shop!XX