Monday, February 28, 2011


Day 6;
"A photo of an animal you'd love to keep as a pet."

GOTTA say it would have to be a baby polar bear. They are just SO cute, if only I could turn my bedroom into a makeshift artic environment? Hahah oh dear. Today was the first day back at school after half term, back into the bundle of homework and coursework deadlines YUMMEH. I'm so so so so so unbelievably excited for the weekend it's insane! Saturday is my sister's birthday party (she will be turning 20 tomorrow ah!) and she is having all her friend's round as well as 4 of mine. So I will be getting all dressed up for that having a few drinks etc, THEN I have to get changed with my friend cat into our fancy dress outfits for this party that we will go to at about have to dress as an animal. So me and my friend cat decided to play around with it a little and are going as white and black swans off the recent movie Black Swan. I am being the white swan, SO excited!!!!!!!!! Ah couple of deadlines during this week so hopefully I survive....

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