Monday, February 7, 2011

such a terrible blogger

I really am, such a terrible blogger! It's not that I forget to blog, it's just I'm always so so busy. Got my performing arts exam next wednesday which I am absolutely bricking myself for as that's what I aspire to do when I'm older, so it means a lot to me. I also have training for the Dance World Cup starting eeeeeek! Which will be held in disneyland paris and we get to dance in the theme park parade and EVERYTHING! Howwwww exciting is that. On top of all that I have masses of homework every night for all my AS subjects and my leftover time seems to be wasted away eating like there's no tomorrow and scrolling up and down the face book homepage. But, I will try more.

On the weekend......I stayed in on friday and did some more of my english coursework, saturday I lazed around in the daytime (no job you see - proper bum) and then went to the cinema with the boyf on saturday night which was cute but the film was pretty low standard. It was called 'Hereafter' and was expecting something amazing but came out of it with a long face. Was a pretty shabby film to be honest with you, but that's just my opinion. On sunday I went for lunch with my two besties at the harbour for a catchup which was vry-nice and cute. Then I went to my friend sally's to do her media photoshoot and just went to blake's on the evening, so as you can see, my weekend was pretty cosy and simple.

Not sure what I've got lined up for this weekend coming seeing as it's only monday and whoever plans ahead is seriously TOO organised. Not long till valentines day though, so I hope you all have cute plans for that!

All my love, D

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