Wednesday, January 26, 2011

evening all

GOOD EVEEEEEENING! It's been a while, but I have just been extremely busy. Today, we had the musical director from the broadway show the lion king, come to over to check all of our songs for our AS musical, and make sure that they were all ok. We did a final recording in the studio and it went really well, which was such a relief as I was vvvvv nervous beforehand! I also got my english coursework completed and handed in today which was also amazing as I hate being behind and unorganised.

I have mock week for performing arts and english next week which I'm dreading but at least it's not for now. On the weekend I decided to stay in and be boring, but on sunday I went to see Black Swan at the cinema, which was amazing! I mean obviously is it very wierd and creepy at times but thats what you expect from a psychological thriller. I think it was very well directed, and is a definite must see for all of you's

Havvvvve a lovely thursday

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  1. i went to see black swan yesterday! i agree that it was absolutely amazing xx