Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 begins..

2011? WHAT? How wierd does it feel to say that! However, this happens every year, nothing quite sounds right when it's brand new and shiny. So, a new year and quite frankly I am SO KEEN for the fresh start, there was some tough times in 2010 and I know there will be some in this year too, but I'm just glad to say goodbye. I've had some lovely memories during 2010 aw! The most memorable things (that I can remember off the top of my head) would be...

  • Getting a boyfriend - happened on the 25th of June and we're still together now happy as ever yayayy
  • Starting fresh at a new school. Saying goodbye to people who didn't wanna work and hello to people that actually wanna be there. (although I miss my secondary school friends ALOT)
  • Taking part in this year's school production, Grease
  • Having a lovely series of birthday parties and surprises for me and my two best friends (for mine I had a mad hatters tea party, and my surpise was a picnic at this lovely park with balloons, food and cute cutlery!)
  • Ehhhhhh and loads more but my brain has fizzled out.....

Now the new year has started lots of exciting things have started happening and I suddenly have an incredible motivation to work hard and strive for the best (+ party hard). Have a few resolutions floating round but nothing set in stone or that I have actually took action upon yet. I would like to possibly...

  1. Not miss a dance lesson (I often get a serious disease named ''cba'')
  2. To keep fit - excercise everyday and attempt to eat healthier
  3. To work hard at school and keep up with all the work/do well in my exams
  4. Do lots of exciting things I've never tried before
  5. To be confident and believe in myself, always

SO that is my sum up of 2010, and what I hope 2011 brings. Hope you all stick to your resolutions!! Ohoh and I promise to blog more, seriously.


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  1. i agree on being keen for a fresh start, i've been waiting for a clean slate for so long!

    your resolutions are awesome by the way, i hope you stick to them all!