Thursday, January 6, 2011

rainy day

Decided to post everyday now at least, it actually makes me feel a lot happier for some strange reason! Second day back at school today waaaaah. I love school though. Don't get me wrong, ITS SCHOOL its not exactly the most enjoyable thing on earth but I love being able to socialise with people all the time, and learning new things everyday, instead of just stuck in a job or something. So tired already from only two days back, but I've been trying to revise hard for my psychology and media AS alevels (ahhhh FIRST ones ever) which are on Wednesday!!! So scared but hopefully I will do okay. Zzzzz it's horrible weather here today, rainy and dull. Make's me want summer soso bad, sat here in my harley davidson top and old joggy bottoms at the moment and still FREEZING..................summer, hurry up yeh?


1 comment:

  1. good luck for your exams! i have my maths one on monday, i'm extrememly scared aha. i agree about wanting summer to hurry up, i'm so bored of this cold weather now! xxxx