Saturday, February 19, 2011

half term

hello all, AH half term is finally here! been busy the last week or so, last weekend I had a party at my friend matthews house and then school was really busy during the week. I had my performing arts practical exam on wednesday night, and I think it went ok so fingers crossed! We had to perform a half hour musical that we created our selves - storyline, songs, dances you name it. Was extremely challenging but we got there in the end, and hopefully my grade will reflect all the hard work I put in!

Last night my friend emily had a 'performing arts' party as we were all so relieved it was over! It was a really good night, and seeing as we are all performers we couldn't NOT whip out singstar and our own musical CD's at some point during the night hahahah! Tonight I think I will probs just stay in and have a cosy night with the boyf, or something like that. Might aswell share with yaaaaaa some piccies from last weekend to make my post a little more interesting!
have an awesome weekend my lovelys xxxxx

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  1. hope you did well in your exam! the party sounds like fun, me and my friends always go on singstar aha have a good half term :) xxx