Thursday, February 24, 2011

day 2 of the challenge

Day 2;

I need to stop waking up so early. Again, I haven't actually ate this yet. But I will be, for my lunch that is! Leek and Potato soup mmmmmm it is actually so so good, the covent garden one is obviously much better but this is the only one in my house at the moment so it will have to do! Today I plan to get some work done, and then head into town as I've got a JEP photoshoot at JCG for the dance world cup haha! Random but I guess I will be in the paper tomorrow. Not sure what my plans are for tonight, think I'm just gunna stay at Blakes as I didn't end up staying last night. Half term is nearly over :( wahhhhh back to school, books and teachers. LOVELY.

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